Interview Dutch virtual reality can help reduce teacher shortage worldwide


‘Dutch virtual reality can help reduce teacher shortage worldwide’

Stan van Ginkel, a lecturer and researcher at the Archimedes Institute and the Intelligent Data Systems professorship at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, researches the use of virtual reality (VR) glasses as a means to reduce teacher shortages. The VR learnings Van Ginkel developed with his team and his technological partner CoVince Adventurous Learning analyses three important aspects of oral presentation: eye contact, the use of your voice, and your posture and gestures.

“VR is a very good way to simulate real-life situations and the technology can be used to give real-time feedback to a student,” said Van Ginkel. His team set up a VR lab and conducted experiments within the existing oral presentation skills course.

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Interview Innovation Origins: ‘Start-up of the day: Covince is de ‘Netflix van het E-learning’


Start-up of the day: Covince is de ‘Netflix van het E-learning’

“De motivatie van CoVince is om e-learning modules relatief goedkoop aan klanten te kunnen aanbieden. CoVince ontwikkelde al veel verschillende bouwblokken en zodoende kunnen ze telkens nieuwe modules creëren voor klanten. Het is heel duur voor bedrijven om steeds opnieuw e-learning modules met de nieuwste technologie te maken. Door de methode van CoVince te gebruiken, kunnen de kosten voor de opdrachtgever worden gedrukt: Dat maakt het voor bedrijven goedkoop om CoVince te gebruiken.”

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CoVince: Winner Most Pioneering EduTech Solutions 2019!


Winner Most Pioneering EduTech Solutions: EVA-brain model & Leading Minds in Immersive VR Learning 2019


Proud to announce that CoVince is the winner of the Most Pioneering Edutech Solution. Yeah!!!

This award was initiated by the Corporate Vision magazine:
“Created by a highly experienced and passionate team of business experts, advisors and insiders, Corporate Vision provides discerning readers worldwide with a wealth of news, features and comment on the corporate issues of the day.”

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VR Lab Training with SenseGlove @VR (R)evolution 2019 Veldhoven


Improvement of lab and clinical site training by use of Virtual Reality, Tactile- and Force Feedback technology


During the Virtual (R)evolution congress near Eindhoven, CoVince, LMBA and SenseGlove showed the possibilities of VR applications for the lab. Lab process (LMBA), VR learning platform (CoVince) and Tactile / Force feedback (Senseglove) expertise is used to develop high quality VR modules for realistic lab training. The VR learning platform provides an interactive training process while tactile and force feedback ensures that you can actually use tools in the VR environment. This creates a real situation in a safe environment in which numerous lab processes can be trained. This technology is ideally suited for safety, assay and clinical site training.

Do you want to standardize and improve lab and clinical site training in a safe learning environment? That is possible with the help of Virtual Reality! Successful lab training results in a lower error rate and therefore a more streamlined development process. Training in a safe and realistic environment without the physical presence in a lab improves the learning result.

UNESCO interested in ‘Presenting with Impact’ training & research results

Going International! Teacher Task Force UNESCO goes VR

Stan van Ginkel presents our ‘Presenting with impact‘ training course and his research results to Teachers Task Force of UNESCO in Bangkok.

Dutch source:

Onlangs liet Stan van Ginkel 200 mensen uit de hele wereld zien wat er inmiddels mogelijk is met virtual reality (VR) in het onderwijs. De docent en onderzoeker van de HU toonde tijdens een conferentie van de Verenigde Naties de onderzoeksresultaten van zijn virtuele cursus mondeling presenteren. De interesse hierin was zo groot, dat Stan voor de Teachers Task Force van UNESCO werd gevraagd.

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Het Onderwijscongres @PSV Stadion Eindhoven

Het Onderwijscongres 2019 Eindhoven

Former Minister of Education Arne Duncan (USA) in CoVince! Last Thursday, the Oval Office was filled with the audience of Het Onderwijscongres, who could answer Arne’s statements in virtual reality. Quickly and easily created with our CMS.

This event was organized by Markteffect including debates with Jan Peter Balkende and Jet Bussemaker about the future of education, all under the guidance of Daphne Lammers.

Together with our partners Breinwave and WisMon, we hosted the Innovation Market presenting learning experiences with the Hololens, robot NAO and Oculus VR glasses.

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Bloed, zweet en organen… @Zorg & ICT Beurs Jaarbeurs

Bloed, zweet en organen… @Zorg & ICT Beurs Jaarbeurs

CoVince was part of the Computable Future Lab and presented various cases that contribute to increasing learning efficiency and increasing patient care within healthcare.