Inspiration Session @Gemeente Rotterdam


CoVince gave an inspirational session for the HR team of Gemeente Rotterdam.

Article CoVince @Computable

During the Computable Awards 2018 on 30 October, Computable demonstrated numerous innovations. The eye-catcher was the 3D human scanner, with which besides ‘normal’ 3D printing more applications were possible. For example, 3D holograms were shown during the evening and a 3D digital head was used for the presentation of lip sync as a voice-over. These 3D holograms can also be used for learning purposes.

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CoVince and NCOI collaboration: Security & Safety Journey @InfoSecurity Jaarbeurs

NCOI and CoVince are creating a Security & Safety journey Latest insights into the protection and security of data. Develop your skills in the field of information security and safety management.

We presented the first glimp of the journey at the InfoSecurity Conference in Jaarbeurs Utrecht together with Tom Bos (Innovation Manager NCOI).

CoVince @HR Day Rabobank Utrecht

CoVince inspired the HR employees of the Rabobank with the newest HR technology.

Computable Awards; Learning Journey & Visual Voice

CoVince presented the Visual Voice during the Computable Awards 2018. Invitees got the chance to make a 3D bodyscan. The scan can be fully digitalized in a avatar and used in the CoVince learning environment. It can also be used in a holographic projection.

CoVince @Inspiration Day Grafisch Lyceum

CoVince inspired media companies, the creative industry and teachers with the possibilities of VR and AR within the creative industry and education.

Ready, CES, Go! CoVince is part of the Dutch delegation at CES in Las Vegas

Ready, CES, Go!

Part of the Dutch delegation supported by StartupDelta to showcase our DutchTech @CES Las Vegas, exciting!
Expanding our international interest on our Adventurous learning platform. Creating tomorrow now.
Unveiling in Amsterdam at Conference Centre Beurs van Berlage.

Collaboration Hogeschool Utrecht: 150 students start with scientifically based VR learning journey ‘Presenting with impact’

150 students start with VR Learning Journey ‘Presenting with Impact’

In this journey students develop their presentation skills by experiencing!



The journey easily starts by using a smartphone on which you download the app and follow the instructions of the virtual coach. Students are guided in the journey step by step.

A small selection of the experiences:
– Get new insights, tips & tricks from experts and teachers about voice use and body posture.
– Practice presentation for different audience sizes in different environments such as a TV studio, theater or classroom.
– Receive (real time) feedback on voice use such as intonation, volume, pauses and tempo.
– Practice speech through the auto-cue in a TV and news studio.
– Pitch in an elevator and get feedback from high-profile people, who are there with you in the elevator.
– Compare personal measurements with those of well-known Dutch people.
– Test knowledge in all kinds of mini-games such as in the TV quiz room.
– Book online or offline sessions with experts and teachers via a personal booking calendar.
– Book offline sessions at external locations such as the HUB-Lab. Learn at this location with other devices such as a luxury VR headset or other awesome learning technologies.
– View progress in a personal dashboard.
– And many more….!

The entire journey has been created in a way, that you can experience it with or without the VR headset. Quite convenient if you don’t have a VR headset yet! All students receive a basic VR headset to use on their own smartphone. In addition, it is possible to use a luxury VR headset, which can be easily booked from within the journey.

The journey is personal, all students have their own account and profile. This means the student can easily login and switch devices at any time. That is very useful for the future, because there are more and more new experiences coming up…

In short, an adventurous journey and a whole new way of developing presenting skills!


This collaboration is nominated for the Computable Awards 2018 ‘Educational project of the year’. We are very happy with your vote! Many thanks!