VR learning: positive effects on performance, emotion and engagement


Interesting research: “Participants in the traditional and VR conditions had improved overall performance (i.e. learning, including knowledge acquisition and understanding) compared to those in the video condition. Participants in the VR condition also showed better performance for ‘remembering’ than those in the traditional and the video conditions. Emotion self-ratings before and after the learning phase showed an increase in positive emotions and a decrease in negative emotions for the VR condition. Conversely there was a decrease in positive emotions in both the traditional and video conditions. The Web-based learning tools evaluation scale also found that participants in the VR condition reported higher engagement than those in the other conditions. Overall, VR displayed an improved learning experience when compared to traditional and video learning methods.”


CoVince presents MasterClass at Amsterdam Business Inspiration @Postillion Hotel Amsterdam


CoVince and Marja Olff presented a glimp of the MasterClass VR Presentatietraining during the Amsterdam Business Inspiration at the Postillion Hotel Amsterdam.

Inspiration Session @Gemeente Rotterdam


CoVince gave an inspirational session for the HR team of Gemeente Rotterdam.

Article CoVince @Computable

During the Computable Awards 2018 on 30 October, Computable demonstrated numerous innovations. The eye-catcher was the 3D human scanner, with which besides ‘normal’ 3D printing more applications were possible. For example, 3D holograms were shown during the evening and a 3D digital head was used for the presentation of lip sync as a voice-over. These 3D holograms can also be used for learning purposes.

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CoVince and NCOI collaboration: Security & Safety Journey @InfoSecurity Jaarbeurs

NCOI and CoVince are creating a Security & Safety journey Latest insights into the protection and security of data. Develop your skills in the field of information security and safety management.

We presented the first glimp of the journey at the InfoSecurity Conference in Jaarbeurs Utrecht together with Tom Bos (Innovation Manager NCOI).

CoVince @HR Day Rabobank Utrecht

CoVince inspired the HR employees of the Rabobank with the newest HR technology.

Computable Awards; Learning Journey & Visual Voice

CoVince presented the Visual Voice during the Computable Awards 2018. Invitees got the chance to make a 3D bodyscan. The scan can be fully digitalized in a avatar and used in the CoVince learning environment. It can also be used in a holographic projection.