Open Dag Lerarenopleiding @ Hogeschool Utrecht

During the Open Day on the 10th of March, future teachers could experience presenting in the virtual world.

Recordings trailer CoVince ‘Adventurous Learning’

Under the direction of filmdirector Christiaan van Halteren ( the first recordings were made last Friday for the CoVince ‘Adventurous Learning’ trailer.

Sneak preview:


More coming soon….

Inspirationsession ‘Niet meer stampen, maar ACSI’ @ Hogeschool Utrecht

During the inspiration session ‘Niet meer stampen, maar ACSI’, colleagues from the educational field came together to think about future education.

CoVince shared her vision on the future of work, life and learning (should we still learn at all?) combined with concrete insights / tools to benefit from. Due to the increasing knowledge of the functioning of the brain, combined with the current state of technology, learning opportunities are opened on themes that were previously impossible from books, practical assignments or e-learning. Insights for the application of the basic principles around the so-called brain laws: emotions, visualisations and associations, which leads to better effective and personal learning. Technology that is now available (such as VR / AR, AI, Smart Sensoring, Gamification), makes this easier to achieve. So simple that almost everyone can use it to make learning experiences. These possibilities make it possible to really change the role of the teacher; from a repetitive character to more specialized and personal coaching.

Perfect Storm Conference – Campfire Sessions @ Pastoe Fabriek

The Perfect Storm Conference took place on the 16th of February. During the Campfire Sessions Hogeschool Utrecht and CoVince did multiple sessions.

During the ‘The power of Holograms’ session, participants were taken into the power of visualization. Holographic, augmented and virtual reality visualizations and the application areas were discussed. Participants could experience different forms of visualization. The ‘Presenting in VR’ session gave a picture of an online learning journey in which students, students and teachers in training can practice presenting in a tutorial room, conference room or TV studio. By using virtual reality, a presenter can learn his skills by receiving feedback on non-verbal behavior. Moreover, the online learning environment, which is based on scientifically based educational design principles (Van Ginkel et al., 2015), offers opportunities for learning instruction, exemplary behavior and performing complex tasks. Participants were given insight into effects on learning with virtual reality based on recent research, opportunities this tool has for educational practice and a demonstration in a virtual environment.

Telegraaf edHUgames @ Utrecht University

The edHUgames Conference took place on the 1st of February. edHUgames is a teaching lab of the Archimedes Institute, the teacher training course of the Hogeschool Utrecht. During the Game Didactics Conference the presentation training of CoVince was presented and visitors could experience this learning journey.