Open Dagen @ CalandLyceum & Lumion

The ‘Open Dagen’ of CalandLyceum and Lumion took place in January and February. These are the first schools in Amsterdam to use virtual reality for presentation skills within the education program.

360 video, 2x more recall

New research claims 2 times recall, when using 360.
“Our study aimed to assess the immersive qualities of VR not only upon application but -more importantly- during the retrieval of the virtual experiences subsequent to a VR session. We presented participants with either a 360° VR or a 2D video of a motorcycle ride followed by an unannounced recognition memory task 48 h later. Increased retrieval success and delayed reaction times in the VR group indicate that immersive VR experiences become part of an extensive autobiographical associative network, whereas the conventional video experience remains an isolated episodic event.”


Open Dag Lerarenopleiding @ Hogeschool Utrecht

On November 25th, future teachers experienced the future of learning during the Open Dag of Hogeschool Utrecht.

Innovative high school students and teachers @ Lumion

Together with the pupils and teachers at Lumion, we work on new ways of learning & development.