Interview Utrecht Region


Interview Utrecht Region

E-learning meets virtual interactivity.

A platform that combines e-learning with VR, AR and AI applications. It sounds like a future innovation, but the Utrecht-based startup CoVince has already developed such a multidimensional learning platform. Their goal is to make learning with immersive technologies accessible and affordable for everyone. Accountancy firms, Universities, Health providers, and Training institutes are already successfully using the CoVince platform. Co-founder Richard van Tilborg: “We combine e-learning, Netflix and WordPress in one”.

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CoVince officially certified for ISO


CoVince officially certified for ISO / IEC 27001

Yes another milestone! CoVince is officially certified for ISO / IEC 27001; international requirements for information security.

We started three years ago to develop our CoVince platform aimed at more fun and effective learning (WordPress and Netflix in one). The personal data that is used to provide real personal learning experiences requires careful handling of this data.

This certificate is a nice independent confirmation that we have our processes in the field of privacy and information security demonstrably in order and that our security and privacy strategy is future-proof.

Sneak preview Live recordings


Sneak preview Live recordings

We are currently creating a lot of new videos to explain our platform. See here some RAPID CONTENT live recordings of learning, creating and sharing. Our building blocks, from interactive (360) videos, fully immersed VR, advanced measurements, live video conferencing, ticketing, payment and donation options, live avatar meetings (fully in VR or on mobile) and more!

Behind the screens Live Streaming at VIVAT


Behind the screens Live Streaming at VIVAT

Combining 3D environments and live video can have nice effects! Create immersive events, where people can walk en interact in breakout rooms, even when used as a flat”-stream in Zoom, Teams, Hangouts etc. It increases the feeling of presence.

As an example you’ll find our “practice what your preach” behind the scenes video below. Our live stream for VIVAT.

All of this can be easily configured in our Experience builder. Create slides and enrich them with 360 videos, 3D objects, sounds/music, avatar interactions and more.
Experience builder

See video below (sorry it is in Dutch).

CoVince: Most Innovative eLearning Platform 2020


Winner Most Innovative eLearning Platform 2020


Proud to announce that CoVince is the winner of the Most Innovative eLearning Platform 2020!

This award was initiated by the Corporate Vision magazine:
“Created by a highly experienced and passionate team of business experts, advisors and insiders, Corporate Vision provides discerning readers worldwide with a wealth of news, features and comment on the corporate issues of the day.”

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Interview Silicon Canal with female co-founder CoVince


7 successful female founders share their best tips on launching a tech startup

Silicon Canals: “With International Women’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to shine the spotlight on some female founders currently making massive waves. These 7 female founders managed to secure a spot in the top 10 of the Blue Tulip Awards. This competition is a year-round programme aiming to accelerate and drive breakthrough innovation. We asked them about their innovation, how they got into the game and what their advice is for others that want to succeed.”

Co-Founder Melanie van Halteren shares her tips for starting a tech company: “Nowadays we have the possibility to create a better world together using new technologies. CoVince founder Melanie van Halteren thinks today’s challenges are no longer exclusive to one region or country. Instead we are all equally responsible for becoming a part of the solution. That’s why she started her distribution and content creation platform with configurable VR, AR, AI and mobile-building blocks. I’m convinced that emerging technologies can help us achieve a better world but I experienced that even today it’s only available for a select group. I want to bridge the gap and make learning with immersive technologies accessible and affordable for everyone. For small businesses, the self-employed, corporations, young, old, rich, poor, physically or mentally healthy or challenged. With CoVince I really think we can accelerate people’s development by making it fun and effective.

To achieve success in the startup world, she wants female founders to not let existing structures and visions stop them. “You can always create your own role and add your own value. Create collaborations between people, expertise and tech. If you feel responsible for other people’s business as if it were your own, you’ll act accordingly and create valuable collaborations. Finally, listen to each other with attention and respect, but don’t get distracted by all the advice you get. Stay determined and follow your own path.”

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Virtual Classroom Research


Multiplayer Virtual Reality Training

In collaboration with the University of Amsterdam and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.

Would it be possible to stay at home and attend classes with your peers via virtual reality? This is the key question of the present study. By comparing traditional teaching with teaching in a multi-user virtual reality environment, the effect of an Artificial Intelligence training on learning achievements and motivation is investigated.

More information research


Top 10 innovations of Education


Made it to the top 10 Blue Tulip Awards

CoVince is selected as one of the Top 10 innovations of Education!

Blue Tulip Awards: “Introducing the Top 10 innovations! After exciting speed-dating sessions at Amsterdome, the jury narrowed down the number of innovations to our Top 10 who are ready to join the Semifinals.”

“The nature and structure of work is changing. Emerging technologies necessitate changes in both workforce and education to prepare for a radically different future. 65 percent of children starting school today will have jobs that don’t exist yet. Leading businesses need to reshape the nature of work to create new forms of value and scale up ‘new skilling’. New education system is needed to help gain versatile skills that can’t be automated – creativity, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, ethics, and lifelong learning.”

CoVince has been selected as one of the Top 10 innovations of Education. This achievement means we are one step closer to becoming the winner of Blue Tulip Awards 2020.