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The music and events industry is going through difficult times. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, thousands of events around the world have been canceled, and waking up with news of cancellations has become the new norm. We want to support artists and event organizers by bringing the events virtually and indoors in a cross industry format.

We think digital cross industry events can be an accelerator for many artists, event organizers, third parties and fans.

Virtual Live Festival

Sunshine, music, beer, dance; unfortunately festivals will not be organized in the near future. However more and more technology can support us to simulate the real world and to some extend a festival…To bridge the time and the gap, we offer virtual festivals.

Your favorite spot this season. Enjoy all kinds of performances, visit different areas, login with your digital twin avatar and meet your friends. 

Experiences vary from audio, video interactive video, 360 video, 3D environments, (semi) live streams and 3D environments. It is possible to switch to different devices with 1 account; smartphone, smartphone VR, pc, VR / AR headset and even an interactive 4D cabin. Thanks to integrated payment modules, it is also possible to make virtual purchases and donations at different levels – before, during or after an event or experience. For example, order pizza or beer at the virtual bar, buy merchandise or support your favorite artist. The products are delivered to your home in real life (the beer during the festival, with a slight delay 😉). 

The virtual festival is a great starting point for a festival edition in real life, when large events are allowed again. View the options in the videos below.


Your favorite spot this season: The QuaranTent

An online and offline merchandise product in one, and your favorite spot this season:

The QuaranTent is not just any tent: with logos on the tent you can retrieve digital content with a smartphone (such as a QR code). The content on the tent can be customized, such as logos of artists or other brands. The tent is multifunctional, it’s at the same time a Green Screen, which you can use to create cool content.

The daily support content can be shared via music / audio, videos and, if desired, live streams, 360 environments etc. Also consider digital content from third parties with which event organizers usually do business. The QuaranTent keeps you in touch with your fans (your tribe) and we build a worldwide community. In addition, users can create their own avatar and share photos of their home experiences through a special tribe wall and other social media channels. Besides this exposure, it is also possible to add donation options to the content.

The virtual festival and merchandise product contribute to increasing fan engagement, online sales and brand activation. Through the cross-sector approach, we create new co-creation models and revenue models and we ensure a sustainable, future-proof music and events industry, both during times of crisis and beyond.

Let’s join forces