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Creating journeys (1)

We are currently creating many video tutorials, here you’ll find a temporary unofficial dutch tutorial of an enthusiastic user.

Installing CoVince (3)

CoVince is prepared for running on MAC but we are not releasing it yet. When you really have a need for MAC, sent us a mail so we prioritize the release.

Mail the CoVince team

The required specifications depends on the type of activity you are going to do:

  • Normal 2d user: it is possible to run it on an laptop with an i5 processor.
  • Creator: it is possible to run it on an laptop with an i5 processor. For fluent editing a good videocard is needed. A GTX1060 or better is adviced.
  • VR user: when your laptop can handle the requirements of the VR headset you want to use it should run fine.

1) Download CoVince at www.covince.com/download
2) Double click on the downloaded installer (covince-setup.exe)
3) Sometimes a Windows Security check exist, if you trust us:) click on “more info” and click on “Ok”
4) CoVince will search for updates each time you start
5) You are ready to go!

Managing organisations and users (1)

Everywhere you see the sharing-icon, you can press it. Then it will generate a link, which you can sent to the one you need.

On Windows it will be copied to your clipboard, so you can easily paste it in your mail or other medium.
On the smartphone the sharing mechanism of your smartphone is being opened, and this can be used to share it to who you want.

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