Interactive video

Interactive videos
More effective and engaging
Transform your videos into a game.

Value to your business
From practical to social skills
Health instuctions, sportquizes, negotiation, interviews. You name it.

Easy configuration
With our experience builder
With all kinds of buildingblocks: find the object,
multiple choice, open questions, measurements,
audio, slides, text, score points, rewarding and more.


Features interactive video
A continous growing list

Ask questions
Through highlighted elements in the video, Multiplechoice, Open questions, and more.

Start other video
Jump from one video to another, so you can create all kind of scenario’s.

Play audio
Play a audio fragment, for background music, a user pressing a object, a timed based action or others!

Add points, feedback and rewards
Give the user points, rewards and feedback based on his performance. Use them for personal growth and compare them with others.

Video in video explainers
Show a video with an explanation into a running or paused video.
And many more.