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Connect, find winwins, secure follow-up

Break free from traditional communication channels and embrace Acquaintance Space, a dynamic space revolutionizing how we connect and collaborate. Experience seamless interactions in a virtual environment that feels as natural as face-to-face.

Engage in real-time conversations, pitch your organisation, find winwins, and share knowledge effortlessly.

Inspire through your tailored virtual room, follow the walls for structured conversation, generate meeting summaries and plan followups.

Say goodbye to impersonal interactions and hello to a world where connections flourish and collaboration soars.

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All product information conveniently accessible in one place
Guided steps
Guided steps
Transparent steps for seamless follow-up in the product or sales process
Example: Who is Who
Example: Who is Who
Additional details on shared objectives for follow-up


Enhanced Engagement

Experience seamless first encounters in a customizable virtual space. Engage your participants through interactive boards, slides, and smart notes, fostering meaningful interactions and leaving a lasting impression

Professional Impressions

Impress potential clients, investors, or partners with a polished and professional meeting environment. Showcase your content in a visually appealing setting, leaving a memorable and positive impression that reflects your dedication to excellence.

Efficient Meetings

Streamline meetings effortlessly by utilizing structured boards and customizable slides. Facilitate clear communication, set goals, define follow-up actions, and ensure everyone stays on track, promoting productivity and effective collaboration.

Acquaintance space


Customizable Boards

The ability to personalize the virtual space with various boards, slides, and interactive elements is crucial. Users are able to structure the space to suit their specific meeting agenda, incorporating multimedia, notes, and collaborative tools as needed.

Smart Notes

Empower participants by adding smart notes to the virtual space. Share information, set goals, highlight key points, and outline follow-up actions in real-time, ensuring clarity and accountability.

Persistent Virtual Space

A continuous virtual environment where participants can revisit past discussions, content, and collaborative notes. This persistent space ensures that all meeting data, knowledge, and progress remain accessible for future reference. New meetings seamlessly pick up from where the previous ones left off, ensuring everyone remains on the same page with updated information and shared knowledge.


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