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Commercial leadership

ExploreMe Commercial Leadership Training: Leading like a Lion. This training is an online training tool developed for professionals to collaborate more successfully with their clients and become better knowledge brokers.

The training is based on the latest insights in neuroscience, epigenetics, and psychology. It emphasizes developable skills and thus highlights a growth mindset for professionals.

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Speech measurements to determine your profile, development goals, and progress.
Trigger questions
Trigger questions
Mirror your habits and gain new insights.
VR 360 exercises
VR 360 exercises
What do you do in various situations?
Host Marloes
Host Marloes
Science journalist Marloes takes you on your journey.
Prof. Willem Verbeke
Prof. Willem Verbeke
Willem Verbeke is an emeritus professor in sales and account management at the Erasmus School of Economics and takes you through all the background theory in this training.
5 development areas
5 development areas
From showing courage to forming alliances.


Develop Powerful Leadership

This exclusive training offers the key to strengthening your leadership skills. Learn the art of effective communication, strategic thinking, and building successful teams. Discover how to confidently and decisively tackle complex business challenges and lead your teams to extraordinary performance.

Strategic Commercial Insights:

Unlock the secrets of successful commercial strategies. This training provides in-depth knowledge and insights into the latest sales techniques and market analysis. Learn how to effectively explore the market, seize opportunities, and implement profitable strategies that give your company an edge in a competitive environment.

Increased Personal Effectiveness

This training also focuses on improving your personal effectiveness. You will learn methods to better manage your time, reduce stress, and maximize your productivity. This enables you to not only act as a powerful leader but also as an effective and balanced professional in all aspects of business life.


Real-time Voice Measurements with Speech Analysis

Get instant feedback on your voice with advanced speech analysis. Understand your unique profile, set personalized goals, and track progress in real time. Elevate your vocal skills with precise insights into articulation, pacing, and more.

Personalized Feedback Tool

Detailed progress reports and tailored recommendations for improvement. Insights into trends, helping set goals and track vocal development.

Interactive Elements in 360 Video Scenarios

Insights into trends, helping set goals and track vocal development.


Situational judgement tests 10 different situational scenarios in both VR and interactive video.
Thorough theory Based on scientific theories by Willem Verbeke.
Speech Measurements More than 10 speech measurements to determine your LEF profile and track progress on it.
Certificate At the end of the training, you will receive the ExploreMe certificate.
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Main language NL
Journeytype Learning journey
Creator ExploreMe