To Gather

The Gathering
Hybrid collaborating in your own spaces. Discuss, interact and experience together.

Configure your entire event flow, from keynote, breakout rooms to evaluation.Read more

Support Agile, SAFe PI planning, Obeya or daily meetings with all kinds of features to make it more effective and fun.
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Team building
Experience or create Escape rooms, solve puzzles together or challenge your teammates through ethical games.

Be present in the training subject, experience, assess and learn together.

Donations and tickets
Easily configure payments through credit card, iDEAL (dutch) etc.

Easy configuration
Use existing experiences, or configure easily new experiences
With a user friendly CMS you can create breakouts in a virtual room, or create different virtual spaces for seperate groups.

Make it personal
With your own digital twin
Co-workers, family or famous persons.
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