Growth Parks

Growth parks
Fun and effective learning brought together in a one place to grow.
More learning retention through learning by simulated doing, social learning and objective measurements.
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Learn through emotion
Fun and more effective
Do you remember your 5th driving lesson? And what about your exam? The brain stores memories in clusters with information of the 5 senses and assigns emotion value. Higher emotion ensures better recall.

Start with
your smartphone

Accessible, anytime, anywhere
Create a personal account on your phone. Download now

Continue on VR/AR
Multisensory becomes reality
More and more headsets, suits, pods become available for more emotional experiences. Get full and seamless journeys with your personal account. Use a smartphone VR headset, download the app for ‘luxury’ VR sets, or book a VR experience within CoVince.

Personalize your growth
Iterate to improve
Start your journey and choose your own path. Personally generated data and feedback are used for more effective to learning and targeted and offer customized content based on your learning style.

With your digital self
Your avatar on adventure
Learn with your digital self, your friends and family. We scan your body so you can train and entertain yourself in the virtual world. Make yourself better, faster, stronger and smarter…
I want my scan!

Associative Mindmap
Valorising visualisations
Lists, lists, lists, everywhere you look… but our brain uses association! CoVince journeys are visualised in interactive mindmaps to activate associations. Each circle, ‘a mindplug’, is an inspiring learning experience.

Interactive videos
More effective and engaging
Transform your videos into a game.

Value to your business
From practical to social skills
Health instuctions, sportquizes, negotiation, interviews. You name it.

Easy configuration
With our experience builder
With all kinds of buildingblocks: find the object,
multiple choice, open questions, measurements,
audio, slides, text, score points, rewarding and more.

The mindplugs
Learn and grow through adventurous experiences
You can experience your journey through the mindplugs below in one seamless mindmap. Each mindplug is an adventurous learning experience.
Book live sessions
Share knowledge in virtual and real life
Book all kinds of sessions: coaching, conferences, classes. An one-on-one or group session, a virtual session or on a location somewhere in the real world.
Mobile VR
VR on your smartphone
VR experiences in 360 degrees and modeled environments including interactions such as conversations with avatars and real time feedback. 
Premium VR
High quality VR experiences
Full immersive VR experience; walk around, pick up objects, get measured, real time feedback and easily adapt to and interact with the environment.
Audio Podcast
Tune up your audio
Your audio podcast is enriched by adding different kinds of visualizations such as VR and AR. Change the environment based on your audio.
Video 360
360 degrees videos with your phone
Experiences 360 degrees videos with your smartphone or VR headset.Navigate and get interactions thru hotspots like video, text, audio.
Challenge your knowledge
Minigames to challenge and test knowledge; the quiz show, find the parts, multiple choice, conversations with AI, audio games, fill in the blanks.
Meet in the virtual world
Invite other learners and meet in the VR world with your own scan. Chat with each other, record your audio, present your slides and teleport thru different worlds.
Knowledge bites thru microvideos
A filmed or animated microvideo which also can be experienced in the virtual world e.g. on a screen in cinema, on the beach, in the jungle etc.
Learn with your 3D scan
Learn and interact with your own avatar! Use it in your learning experiences. Your avatar can walk, dance, talk and gets smarter thru artificial intelligence.

Learning based on scientific insights
Brain laws for more effective learning
CoVince is based on scientific research, and participates in research to gain more and new insights to improve learning and bring and let the brain reach its highest potential.
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Accelerate your experience
Devices to measure and trigger the senses
Learning through multisensory experiences improves the return on learning, using the newest tech such as consumer EEG, treadmill simulator, sensory 4D pods, full body haptic suits, bone conduction and many more…

For your organisation
Create and manage journeys in shielded use
Want to give your entire organisation a boost? The CoVince self-management environment lets you create and manage the adventures of four learners.
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