VR Lab Training with SenseGlove @VR (R)evolution 2019 Veldhoven


Improvement of lab and clinical site training by use of Virtual Reality, Tactile- and Force Feedback technology


During the Virtual (R)evolution congress near Eindhoven, CoVince, LMBA and SenseGlove showed the possibilities of VR applications for the lab. Lab process (LMBA), VR learning platform (CoVince) and Tactile / Force feedback (Senseglove) expertise is used to develop high quality VR modules for realistic lab training. The VR learning platform provides an interactive training process while tactile and force feedback ensures that you can actually use tools in the VR environment. This creates a real situation in a safe environment in which numerous lab processes can be trained. This technology is ideally suited for safety, assay and clinical site training.

Do you want to standardize and improve lab and clinical site training in a safe learning environment? That is possible with the help of Virtual Reality! Successful lab training results in a lower error rate and therefore a more streamlined development process. Training in a safe and realistic environment without the physical presence in a lab improves the learning result.