Smart Walls

Our virtual environment features walls that you can fill with all the information you need to stay organized and on track.‚Äč On the first wall, you can input the names and roles of your Scrum team. The second wall is dedicated to your product goals, while the third wall serves as your roadmap. The fourth wall is your backlog, where you can prioritize and plan out the work that needs to be done. And on the fifth wall, you can hold retrospectives and reflect on your team's progress.

Hybrid Standups

With Scrum Space, you can conduct daily standups both online and in-person. Online team members can participate through webcam video streams, while in-office team members can use a screen setup with all the walls projected for a truly immersive experience.

Personal Dashboard

With your personal dashboard, you can easily see all of your upcoming tasks and deadlines in one place, regardless of which project they belong to. This helps you stay organized and on track, ensuring that you never miss a deadline or drop the ball on an important task.

Fully Custom

With Scrum Space, you have the ability to fully customize your virtual environment to suit your team's needs. Choose from different styles of smart boards and configure them to that is most important to you. Plus, you can personalize your space with your own branding and styling to create a unique, cohesive look for your team. Scrum Space gives you the flexibility to create a space that works best for your team and your projects.